How to find a great deal on a home in Mumbai

If you’re looking for an apartment for sale in Mumbai, the answer is to check the listings on the portal.

The portal, which is based in Hyderabad, is the home of the Home Price Index and houses the largest online property database in India.

It is used by more than a lakh real estate agents in the country and houses information on all residential apartments and commercial properties in the city.

The website also contains real estate information for more than 5.5 lakh properties across Mumbai.

But what you need to know is that the Home Prices Index does not include properties in private houses.

The listings are only available for residential properties in commercial properties.

So if you’re buying a property in Mumbai that is listed on the Home Pounds Index, don’t worry if you don’t know where it is in your city.

You can still find listings in Mumbai for sale.

To find a listing in Mumbai or for more information on Mumbai, visit the portal or click on the link below.

Get the details on how to find an apartment in Mumbai.

Mumbai Home Prices: What are the key characteristics of residential apartment? 

How to find the best deals on a residential apartment in the Big City?

Mumbai Home Pound Index: What is the Home Pound Index? 

Home Pounds are a measure of a city’s housing stock and are used to measure the amount of land area, density and number of residents per square kilometre.

The Home Pumps Index is used to assess whether an area is suitable for residential housing.

It compares a city to a national average and ranks cities according to the difference in the size of their home pounds.

For example, an area with a Home Pound of 6.5 is considered to be ideal for residential accommodation.

In a comparison of Mumbai, a city of 10,000 people, a Home Pump of 8.3 is considered good for residential residential accommodation and a city with a Pounds of 10.5 or higher is considered very suitable for commercial accommodation.

Mumbai has one of the highest Pounds in India with a number of properties in Mumbai being listed on this index. 

Who owns these properties? 

Real estate agents or landlords are the owners of these properties.

The property owners are mostly foreigners who rent these properties for commercial purposes.

A large number of commercial properties, which include apartment buildings, are owned by foreign nationals.

The list of the properties listed on India’s Home Pounces Index includes: Commercial property listed on Housing Market Index: Commercial Properties: 1,829,632 2,719,818 3,856,738 3,065,872 Residential properties: 1.17,907,811 3.01,914,923 4.08,933,934 Residential properties with residential units: 6,814,831 4.24,849,847 4.48,918,851 5.07,910,859 Commercial properties with commercial units: 5,903,828 5.22,910

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