Gizmodo: IGI’s purchase of the Agricultural Land Company is a big deal

Gizmag: AgriLife’s acquisition of IGI is a major deal for Agri-Foods, says AgriFoods spokesperson John Rauch.

The company’s AgriLand acquisition is a significant milestone in AgriWorlds history and demonstrates the viability of our agri-based products as a means to improve food security and the quality of our customers’ food, according to Agriworlds chief executive David Janssens.

IGI was formed in 2003 and is headquartered in San Diego.

AgriLabs’ IGI logo is on a sign that’s seen at IGI food warehouse in San Francisco, California, U.S. March 6, 2018.

Igi’s new chief executive officer, Richard Janssen, said the company is focused on the sustainability of its products, including AgriLab’s products, and plans to expand to other areas of its portfolio, including packaging, packaging materials, and packaging services.

IGI was founded in 2003 as an agri food company that specialized in producing sustainable agricultural products.

IGP was purchased by Agri Life in October 2018.

The acquisition of Agrilife, the largest agrifood company in the world, marks another significant milestone for IGI.

IGS is a division of Agra Food Services, Inc. Agria Foods Inc. (AGRA), one of the largest private agri grain and soybean companies in the United States, is the parent company of IGS.

Agra Foods is a vertically integrated food company and agribusiness operator headquartered in Agra, India.

The AgriGlobe and AgriMarket segments include AgriScience, AgriBusiness, Agribusier, Agria, and AgraMarket.

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