Which of the world’s leading architects are you?

The Irish architecture world is in a state of flux as new architects take up the mantle of design, with a wave of new ideas and developments threatening to erode the old.

A report from IBISWorld suggests that a number of firms are poised to make a bigger splash than ever before with their latest projects.

This is a snapshot of the top 100 best new building projects across the globe in the last 10 years, compiled by IBIS World, the global architectural and design consultancy.

In total, the top 10 have taken up more than a quarter of the global total.

The report highlights a number design projects that have been announced by a number architects and their firms, and it also shows that some of the best buildings in the world are being built at the moment, as the world gets ready to celebrate the centenary of the first World War.

It’s an exciting time for architecture, says IBISworld, which has released its 2017 report in advance of the centenaries of World War I and World War II.

In terms of global architecture, the number of new buildings is also rising, with more than 70 per cent of the new projects being launched by new firms.

IBIS said it has found that most of these firms are emerging from a period of rapid growth in their respective markets.

The report has also shown that the growth of these new firms is outpacing the growth in the global population.

There is a lot of opportunity to make great new buildings, says Mr Paul O’Donnell, the director of IBIS’ architecture division.

IBisworld is particularly excited about the future of the office building industry, which is in flux.

While the number and size of office buildings worldwide has grown dramatically in the past five years, IBIS has been impressed with how well these new developments are being managed.

“While the number in offices has fallen, we’re seeing that there is a huge amount of room to make new office buildings in emerging markets,” he says.

“In emerging markets, there are opportunities for firms to offer a range of products and services, including new, creative office designs.

We also believe there is plenty of opportunity for new and emerging firms to expand their existing business.”

While IBIS expects the number to grow in the next five years due to a steady influx of foreign talent, there is also a lot more to do to attract the talent needed to build these buildings, said Mr O’Neill.

“We think we have a great opportunity to create a new class of architects and builders, who can build something that can be replicated across the world.”

Mr O’Brien says the growth has been driven by the new generation of architects who have been attracted by the increasing diversity of their work and are also looking for a new way of making a living.

“The world is a more open and connected place now.

It is a world that has opened up to the notion that everyone can build anything, even if they are not an architect,” he said.

“And that is something that will always be a great asset for architects.”

There is more innovation than ever, with the world now experiencing a period where there is an abundance of information and a new generation is emerging.

The opportunities for architects and designers are very exciting, and IBIS hopes that we will see many more buildings created from these new ideas.

“Top 100 best buildings of 2017 by IBISEWorld