How to watch the Oscars 2017 – What’s new?

New York, NY – Monday, February 12, 2017: The Golden Globes is a night of entertainment, and for many people, it’s a night to watch films and get away from the stresses of work.

But this year, it has become something of a cultural touchstone, with the awards ceremony becoming a major platform for social justice, gender equality and diversity. 

For the first time in the awards’ history, there is no African-American actor on the shortlist of best director nominees.

Instead, it is a male-dominated field, with two women vying for the role of the director, and one winning the prize for best actor.

For the third time in a row, the Golden Globess are being held in Los Angeles, and there are no African American stars in the running. 

This year, the event was also the first to be hosted in New York City, where many of the awards have been held for years. 

In the last decade, African Americans have become a much more prominent part of the American film industry.

Black actors have played prominent roles in films such as “Gone Girl”, “Selma”, “The Hurt Locker”, and the new film “The Birth of a Nation”.

But as the number of African Americans in the American community has grown, so has the number who have made it to the film industry, thanks to the work of many of their peers.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) has long recognised the contributions of African American actors in the industry.

In 2009, it released a report called “The Black Achievement Index”, which included statistics from its annual awards. 

“While the black experience is often overlooked in film and television, there are still plenty of stories of great talent, and those that remain are often inspirational,” said the report, titled “A Black Voice.” 

“The Academy recognizes this diversity of talent in the field of filmmaking, and is committed to ensuring that this continues in the future.

It is important that the Academy’s support and encouragement is not only about promoting excellence, but also about encouraging the next generation of African-Americans to become more visible in the art of filmmaking.”

The annual awards ceremony has been held at the Staples Center in Los Angelas, California since 1982, and has now been held in more than 100 cities across the US. 

More:The Hollywood Reporter recently called the awards a “glorious moment in American cinema” and said that it has been a “phenomenal year for Black filmmakers”. 

The annual ceremony is hosted by Academy Award-winning producer Spike Lee, and it has had a diverse cast of stars. 

Earlier this year there was a huge outpouring of support for Oscar nominee Lupita Nyong’o after she was denied the best actress nomination for her performance in the film “Black Swan”. 

Nyong’os mother, Selma Blair, was among the many people who took to social media to express their disappointment and support. 

‘A Black Dream’: Hollywood’s struggle to recognise Black actorsMore:Nyongs mother, who was also a prominent activist in the Black Lives Matter movement, said she had to take action to win the Oscar for her daughter. 

She said: “She got nominated for the Oscar.

And then she got the nomination, and the nomination came back, and she was nominated again, and then it went back and forth again.

It was like a game of chess, and I was trying to win every time.” 

Nyang’o was the first black woman to win an Academy Award for best actress, and was nominated for best supporting actress for “Selina Meyer”.

“I was very disappointed.

The world was not ready for a black woman who had a voice and was a voice of the Black community,” she said. 

Nyan and her mother, the late Selma, were joined by other black women who had previously won Oscars for their performances in “Selena”.

“There’s a reason why the best director awards are given to films like ‘Black Swan’,” Blair said.

“They’re really important for people to look at, and to look around the world.

I just felt like, you know what, if there’s a black person in the picture, it might be the best film that gets made.” 

‘We have to get past this’: Black actress who won best actress award tells Al Jazeera More Selma Blair said she had been waiting for the Golden Globe to award her daughter the award since the last one. 

But this year was different. 

Her daughter won the best supporting actor award, and her first major Academy Award nomination, for her role in “American Hustle”. 

“I didn’t know it was coming this early, but I was so excited,” Blair said, as she recalled the night she was introduced to her daughter’s win. 

The Golden Globys were a big deal for many African