India’s Sinic ozone counting machine gets a new name

NEW DELHI — India’s Sinics counting machine is set to undergo a major overhaul after being given a new moniker.

Sinic is a name for a metal alloy made from carbon, nickel and titanium that is used to make the machines’ electronic control units.

Its makers say they will use the new name to make sure it is easier to identify the machines and make them more transparent, The Associated Press reported.

A Sinic official said the machine will be renamed as Sinic E-3 and that the name will help it better serve its users, according to the AP.

The new name will also help the company better communicate its products to users in a variety of industries, said the official, who asked not to be named.

There are many companies in India who use Sinics machines to record the air quality in cities.

Sinic’s machines have become the most common device for measuring the air, and its machines also measure the concentration of pollutants.

It was not immediately clear whether the new company would offer a similar machine to measure sulfur dioxide.

India produces roughly 2,000 metric tons of sulfur dioxide a year, according the World Health Organization, but it’s one of the world’s worst polluting sources of carbon dioxide.

It also accounts for about 25 percent of global emissions of carbon.

For years, Sinic has been trying to improve its counting machine to make it more reliable, but the company has struggled to find a way to capture carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide in the air.

In January, India’s government said it planned to launch a pilot project to use Sinic machines to measure carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.