Which city is getting a rainbow city?

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Some of the most prominent rainbow cities in the country will soon have a new name — San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles and Miami.

It is the first time the cities have been formally named by a city commission.

The commission will vote on the names Wednesday, Feb. 20.

“It’s not just about what color we have in our city, but what we’re saying about the city,” said commission member Rebecca Riedel.

“The San Francisco city flag has the same message as the Miami flag — love and diversity.”

The commission is also creating a new website to showcase the new city colors, which will also be updated every year.

“We’re going to try to take a new look at how we’re doing things, and we want to create a better future for our citizens,” Riedeel said.

The new colors are inspired by the city’s rainbow-colored flag, which is one of the few in the world.

The city flag also includes a red triangle with the words “San Francisco” in red letters and a blue triangle with three stars.

Riedes said that when the city flag was first adopted in 1872, it had no color for the three stars, so the council decided to change it to reflect the colors of the San Francisco Bay Area.

“In the past, when you took that flag away, there was a lot of confusion about it,” Rieger said.

“There were a lot different colors and a lot more of confusion.

It’s just the new color of San Francisco.”

The new flag will be used in the upcoming Olympics, and will be officially adopted in 2018.

The flag was originally designed by the artist and civil engineer Henry Lee.

It was originally a replica of the flag of the U.S. Navy, but the colors were changed to reflect modern-day cities.

“This flag is more reflective of modern- day cities, more diverse and it’s also more inclusive,” said Riedele.

“If you take a look at some of the other flags, it has a lot to do with race.

It has a strong message.

I think that the San Franciscans will be proud of it.”

The design will be available to the public for free.

“They will be able to customize their flag to their liking,” said Commission member Richard Lee.

The colors will be replaced in 2018, and the new flag won’t be displayed until 2021.

The first colors will go into use in 2020, but it will be a year before the flag will go back into the sky.

“I think it’s going to be a great time to have this flag fly,” said Commissioner Rebecca Riefer.

The commissioners vote is expected to take place in the city council chambers, which are located on the second floor of City Hall.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee has been very supportive of the new colors, and said he hopes to see more cities adopting the colors.

“People from all over the country, the world, and from the Bay Area will be coming to see San Francisco,” Lee said.