How to unlock the secrets of Dhule: the India of the internet

The world’s biggest online payment service is looking to attract more people to its platform.

India’s largest bank, Axis Bank, says it is launching a digital wallet called Dhule to help its customers access their funds online.

The wallet will be available on all Axis bank accounts starting March 12, and will be accessible via mobile devices, including Android phones and the Apple Watch.

It will offer a range of services, including a digital version of its own bank’s website, and a “digital” version of Axis Bank’s e-wallet, which offers a similar functionality to the existing online bank.

It is a sign of the times, but the rise of online banking, which allows for faster payments, has seen the emergence of a number of new online payment services.

Last year, the UK-based Paypal was acquired by Paytm, a rival digital payment service to Axis.