‘Weird’ $20,000 ‘bargain’ on Australian banding machines found in India

The Australian Financial Press has uncovered a $20 million “bargains” device that is apparently in use in India.

The device is said to work by “shaving off” hair from the scalp, and to be able to “fade” hair as well.

The technology is allegedly being used in the Indian state of Bihar.

But the press also discovered a $5,000 “barn door” with “two small holes drilled in it for a metal bar that can be attached to the door and used to secure the door in place”.

The press said the “baggage” was apparently sold by a company called Saksa.

The “barracks” are supposed to be “used by local people who have access to small-scale land, for instance in their fields”.

Saksas website states: “A small number of people have managed to successfully use this device, but it is not yet widely known.”

“We are currently seeking to find out more about this product, and will make a formal announcement on this matter when the details are made available to us.”

The AP said it was investigating whether the device was a scam or not.

The company was not immediately available for comment.

The AP reported the news about the Indian “bark door” device.

A man who was approached by the press said he had purchased the device.

“I got it from Saksan and it works great.

They have it for $5,” he told the AP.

“It’s a bargain,” he said.

The AFP said it had contacted the Saksin Group, the company behind the “door bar” device, for comment on the “deal”.

“Saksan Group has confirmed that this product is being used by local community in Bihar, India,” the AFP said in a statement.

The news has sparked a lot of interest in India and its capital New Delhi, with people selling fake items in public markets and on social media.

The price of the fake “door door” can reach hundreds of dollars.