A young man with autism who was once in a gang gets his life back

Posted April 09, 2019 15:23:24 I just want to let you know that my son, Kiyani, has finally made it home after being kidnapped and taken from us.

He was taken away in the middle of the night and never seen again.

Kiyaki, his two brothers and two sisters were last seen walking in the woods near the house where they lived with their mother.

Kiyani has been missing since May 8, 2019.

I had been searching for him for a month.

My family, friends and colleagues have been calling me every single day, but I have been too scared to answer the calls, because I don’t know what to do with him.

He has a learning disability, but his autism is just too severe for me to even contemplate trying to help him.

I don, however, think that he would have any interest in me and my children.

He would rather have me in jail than him.

He is the only one in my family who has a job and a family.

A few weeks ago, my son was supposed to meet with me at a friend’s house for the first time.

It was just after 6pm and he was sleeping.

I was still at home in my room when my phone rang.

My son had called me and said he was going to the park to play with a few other kids.

He told me he was about to go play with some friends.

He didn’t say where he was heading, or where he would stay.

I rushed to the house.

The first thing I saw was Kiyai’s body, his hands bound behind his back and he had a blanket over his head.

I ran to the garage, and my husband and I were in the car.

I had to drag him into the garage because he was too terrified to leave the house and get in the house with me.

After two hours of driving, I came across Kiyiki and told him that he was OK.

I said, ‘We have to get you to a hospital.’

He looked around and then told me, ‘I’m going to a zoo.’

I told him to get dressed and go to the zoo.

At the zoo, I asked him if he had eaten anything.

He said he had not.

He looked at me and then said, “Mom, I have a feeling something is wrong.”

He didn, however.

As soon as I arrived, I started calling Kiyi’s friends and relatives and told them what I had just seen.

I told them that they should call the police and they should come to the rescue immediately.

My husband and three children came with us.

They called the police station and we called the zoo to see what was happening.

They told us that the zoo had already been searched, and Kiyini was nowhere to be found.

When we arrived at the zoo a little while later, we saw that Kiyki was still in the zoo enclosure.

He had been taken into the enclosure and taken into a room where he could not be seen.

We went to the hospital and brought Kiyari back to the police.

We were able to get him into a wheelchair and he went to a rehabilitation centre.

About a month after my son’s disappearance, my husband, who has worked as a teacher for 25 years, and I started looking into ways to help Kiyin and his siblings.

I decided that Kiki and his two siblings should be reunited with their family.

We called a few of the family’s relatives to see if they would help us.

We started contacting the people who had seen Kiyinki and found out that they too were in dire need of help.

It was about one month before I met my future husband, and we got together with him to plan a plan to reunite Kiyikei with his siblings and friends.

In March, we met with two of Kiyinai’s relatives, and the other family members agreed to help us, including some relatives who had been living in the forest since they were children.

I also met with a man who had a dog, but he didn’t want to help me because he had been a criminal for the past 20 years.

This was the first step.

Kivita Kiyinis parents, brother and sister, and their family, including their five children, gathered at the forest to watch Kiyino and his brothers go to a safari.

Around the same time, I was to meet the other two siblings and their relatives.

I called them, and they were all there.

They were very happy and relieved that Kivini was back with his brothers and sister.

For some time, the family, and most of the people in the community, were waiting for news.

I started to worry about the safety of the children.

After a few weeks, I met a doctor who was in charge

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