When you’re a new dad, what’s on your to-do list?

The new father is not only the one who takes on a huge amount of the household chores, but he also needs to work as a professional and maintain a sense of style, says T.J. Johnson, founder of the Farm House Society.

But, he adds, it’s important to also be able to take care of yourself.

“When you start out in the business, you’re really just going to have to be a very well-adjusted individual,” Johnson says.

“You’re going to be in charge of a lot of the things.”

For the new father, he says, the key is to work hard and stay on top of your family.

“You’re probably going to feel a lot more pressure because you’ve got two young kids,” Johnson said.

“But you can do whatever you want, you can take a vacation and just keep going.”

And if that means that you don’t get to spend time with your family, you might want to consider investing in a home.

Johnson says many new fathers have struggled to find a home in a new city, with few options in their area.

“It’s not a new problem.

It’s just a different problem,” he said.”

There’s a lot that people need to understand and it’s not something that will happen overnight, but the sooner you get into it and you have the patience, the better you can cope with it.”