When will the city be ready to build Sinic mega cities?

Posted March 11, 2019 11:27:25Sinic has been awarded the Vision City award, an international award that recognises cities that achieve a level of development excellence.

The award was presented by the United Nations Development Programme and was made available to Sinic on March 11.

The city’s plans to build five Sinic megacities were outlined in a report released in April 2018 by the US-based International Business Times.

The report outlined plans to create an economy that would employ 50,000 people by 2026.

A city report released last year said Sinic was “in the midst of an economic turnaround” but the city had yet to set a target for its growth.

It also said the city was in the midst.

“The city of Sinic, which has been on the brink of bankruptcy for several years, is on the verge of being rebuilt, according to the city’s report,” the report said.

“This development is a result of a series of catalysts that have resulted in Sinic’s economic turnaround.”

Sinic’s report said it would not be able to meet its growth targets without further investment in infrastructure and public transport.

The Sinic project is expected to cost $20 billion and would consist of five major developments, including a high-rise tower and a shopping mall, in the city centre.