How to deal with land owners who sell their land to others

Mumbai: An independent land owner who sold his or her land to a land owner or a land agent in the past year is likely to be in trouble.

A land agent or land owner will usually be in the know of a few things about the land, such as its proximity to the metro, the name of the land owner and the location of the farm.

The land owner may have already sold it to someone else, or may not know that the land was sold to someone.

A Land Agent or Land Owner may have received the land from a trust or estate agent and may be unaware of the buyer.

So if you are the one who sold the land to someone, you need to get in touch with your land agent.

If the land agent is not aware of the sale, you can file a complaint against the land agency.

The Land Administrator can also help you.

You can contact them by email or phone.

They will check your complaint and give you a copy of the case report.

If you want to take action against the agent, the agent can also be held liable for the land’s sale.

If a Land Agency fails to act, you should also get in contact with the Land Administrator.

You can also seek compensation from the agent for damages to your land and/or for loss of enjoyment of your land.

The agent can be held responsible if the land is not used for agricultural purposes.

If you are in dispute with the agent about your property, you may be able to pursue a case in a court.

Landowner may also be entitled to compensation if they are the primary or only owner of the property.

The only compensation that the agent or the agent’s employees can get is if the agent fails to protect the rights of a tenant or a non-resident tenant.

If someone is the sole occupant of the premises, they are also entitled to get compensation if the person or someone they share a house with is the primary owner.

However, if you want a case of trespass, it is important to have evidence to prove that the person who has the property was trespassing.

If there is no evidence, you are not likely to get the compensation.

In cases of nuisance, land owners can also get compensation for their nuisance caused by noise pollution or other nuisance.

If your land has been illegally encroached on, you will also need to file a case to have the land vacated.