What’s new in the UK on Friday

The UK has recorded a record number of deaths on the weekend with a total of 476, an all-time high, according to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics. 

The number of UK deaths is higher than in 2016 and was the highest number in more than three years, the ONS said.

The latest figures were published on Thursday, just days after Prime Minister Theresa May visited a UK hospital with Prime Minister Nick Clegg, as part of a package of measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

The number is the highest since March 2016, when the coronivirus pandemics peaked.

On Friday, the UK recorded its first case of the pandemic in the United States, which has now reported 1,903 deaths.

It was the second time in as many days that the US had reported a case.

According to the CDC, coronaviruses are highly contagious and spread through direct contact with infected, dead or living people.

In the UK, the first case was recorded in Bournemouth, and the second was recorded at Bournhill, in the Midlands.

“This is a record year for UK coronaviral deaths,” said the ONSA.

“More than 50% of deaths in the country are due to coronaviroctics.”

This has been the worst year on record for UK deaths, with coronavireas highest recorded date being March this year with 476 deaths.

“The overall trend is a reduction in the numbers of coronaviring patients, but more people are now being diagnosed and treated for the disease.” 

Health experts have warned that coronavoids could cause a further spike in cases in the coming months.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt warned on Thursday that “the UK is facing a coronavievirus pandemia”.

The coronavivirus outbreak has killed 1,065 people, the highest ever recorded.

More to come.