NIRANJAN BATWAL GROUP: Vision City E-Bike of the Year 2018

NIRANSHARAM, India — — Vision City E.

Bike has been named as the 2018 Vision City Bike of the Month for its efforts to improve the lives of those in need.

Niranjan Batwal, Vision City’s founder and CEO, spoke at the launch of the award. 

“Vision City was founded in 2017 by two young men from India, Vijay Gupta and Vijay Kumar.

It was through these two men that we started this company, and now we are proud to share our vision with the world,” Batwal said.”

It is a small but growing company, but we believe that every person in India has the right to a bike.

And we have been committed to making sure that every Indian has the chance to experience it, to learn and to get involved.”

Bicycle was born from a desire to help people to achieve their dreams.

And Vision City has built an innovative, community-based organization that supports the most vulnerable people in India, especially those living with disabilities.

The team is committed to supporting them to achieve this dream and is focused on building and developing the next generation of innovative products that help the vulnerable in their daily lives. 

The Vision City team is comprised of 10 people. 

They are based in Mumbai, India, and have been working together for the last few years, Batwal told CNN. 

It was also during the 2017 launch of Vision City that the team set up a bike-share program in Mumbai. 

Vijay Gupta, a former Indian cricket player, has been working in India since 2009 and has helped to build a new model for sharing bicycles with those in desperate need. 

Gupta said the Vision City initiative was the catalyst for the bike share program that he is responsible for. 

With the help of the team, people can now bike from anywhere in Mumbai without leaving their homes. 

Since its launch, the bike-sharing program has been credited with saving more than 100 lives.

“Our vision is to make people feel safe, happy and comfortable, and to provide a positive experience for people who are vulnerable,” Gupta said. 

More than 40,000 people have signed up for the program, which started on April 9. 

Each month, they receive an extra 150 rupees ($22) for the first month, and 200 rupees for the next two months. 

In addition, Vision Day is the date on which people can sign up for free bicycles, and every day of the month they receive 500 rupees, according to Batwal. 

 The team also works with people in rural areas to make them feel more comfortable. 

As part of the program’s vision, they are offering a bike to every household for the duration of the day. 

For people who don’t have a bike, the Vision Team offers them a mobile phone app that allows them to receive free bike services from their bank accounts. 

Read more about Vision City here. 

Vision City is also a partner in the International Bicycle Trade Association (IBTA). 

IBTA has been a leader in making bicycles more affordable and accessible for more people in developing countries.