How to be a successful millennial at the age of 12: The lessons from the ’80s

New Scientist magazine is running an article on the ’70s and ’80ies, as part of a series on the origins of the millennial generation.

The magazine has teamed up with The Future Fund, a US charity that helps young people start their own businesses.

The fund also offers training to help entrepreneurs and tech workers.

The article focuses on the success stories of people who were 12 when their parents were laid off in the financial crisis of 2008.

The piece explains how the ’90s were a time of economic growth and technological innovation, but also of social upheaval, as the recession hit.

“People faced a sense of economic isolation, they had lost their sense of purpose, and that was a big catalyst for the emergence of a new generation,” says James Dall, founder and CEO of The Future Foundation.

Well, we think that they need to think big. “

What is the lesson for this generation?

Well, we think that they need to think big.

And that’s what they need.”

The article is part of The Rise of the Millennial Generation series.

New Scientist’s Young People series aims to look at the life of the next generation, with special focus on the future of the UK.

It also explores the issues facing young people today.

It will be published on Tuesday (NZ time).