How to spot a fraudster online: How to avoid online fraud and abuse

The government has announced an emergency ban on off-licence and other commercial establishments that sell or promote alcohol, and it has banned a number of businesses from opening for business in the city.

The new rules, in a bid to stem the tide of online fraud, come as part of the “Operation Smoked” campaign by the Maharashtra government to combat cyber crime and online abuse.

The measures come as the city grapples with a surge in online abuse, particularly for alcohol-related crimes, and as a result, there has been a rise in the number of cases of death due to alcohol-induced poisoning. 

The Maharashtra government has also announced a ban on advertisements for off-license establishments, including restaurants and bars.

The ban will apply to the last days of the month, when the state is under a state of emergency.

The state has already banned several restaurants, bars, bars and convenience stores, including some popular ones like Bollywood Bazar, Dhaba and Baroda.

The list of establishments that will not be allowed to open on November 30 includes bars and clubs, restaurants and cafes, retail outlets, grocery stores, petrol stations, and restaurants.

There are other measures the state has announced to curb online abuse: a ban from selling alcohol on social media; an amendment to the law on liquor to give the police the power to confiscate illegal and counterfeit alcohol, along with fines and jail terms of up to two years; a ban for online and offline advertising.