Uv detection machine installed in Mumbai: Man says it works

A Uv detector machine has been installed in the Maharashtra capital Mumbai, in what the city’s Mayor says is a major step towards the elimination of the problem.

The machine is being used by police and the Public Health Department (PHD) to detect the presence of Uv particles.

A source told The Hindu that the machine, called ‘Uv Detectors’ (UV), has been fitted to five stations in the city, and will be used by 15,000 police officers and other government employees.

The source said the UV detection machines are used to test the visibility of pedestrians, cyclists and other public vehicles, and are a major part of the city police’s anti-traffic strategy.

The installation of the UV detector at the five stations is being undertaken by the BMC and the Maharashtra Navigational Services (MNS) Authority.

According to the source, the machine is currently being tested on a single pedestrian, which has been asked to wear a mask to ensure that no particles are detected.

The Mumbai Police Department had earlier said that it was planning to install a similar detector in its areas.

According the source , the UV sensor is being fitted in three different stations in Mumbai, and is being tested at three different locations, including the Kala Ka Bazaar in the CBD, the central business district and the South Zone in the centre.

According this source, all the UV detectors in the City of Mumbai have been fitted with the UV scanner, which is being run by a company called Aneva Labs.

In March last year, a survey conducted by the MNS found that only one-fifth of the public was aware of the existence of the Uv detectors.

In January, the BMC had also announced that it would be installing two UV detection systems in the civic areas in Mumbai.