How to pronounce Nigatpouri?

Nigat-puri is a regional Indian town located in northern Uttar Pradesh state in India.

Nigatpur is also located in Uttar Pradesh and has a large Hindu population.

In India, Nigatpu is the local name for the village.

Nigatspur is known for its large Hindu community, and is also famous for its famous Nigat Puri festival. 

Nigatpur has the highest concentration of Hindu communities in Uttar (70%), followed by Uttar Pradesh (49%), Maharashtra (29%) and West Bengal (24%).

Nigatpyur, which is about 100 km north of Nigat and about 100km east of Nigatspuri, is the only Hindu village in India where there is no Muslim population. 

Nigatspur has a high concentration of people of the local caste, which makes NigatPuri the only village in Uttar that has no Muslim majority.

In recent years, many Hindu families in Nigat have moved to neighbouring Nagpur, the neighbouring town where Nigat is located, to escape a growing number of Muslims in the area.

Nigapuri is known as the “Gandhi town” because of the high number of Gandhis, or Gandhas, living there. 

This year, the BJP has come under attack for not holding a national election in Uttar.

The party has been in power since 2014.

The BJP had won a landslide victory in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections last year.

The Congress-led UPA government was also defeated in the polls. 

The BJP’s attempt to win back the Uttar Assembly election with a majority was met with a large defeat. 

In a statement on Saturday, the party said it had already submitted its manifesto for the upcoming state elections.

It also claimed that “more than 70% of the Muslims in Uttar have voted for the BJP, while just 30% voted for Congress.”