Trump to visit Sinic mega cities

The president is expected to travel to Sinic in the coming weeks, along with his wife, Melania, who has been on a tour of the country, to promote his plans to build a wall along the southern border. 

The Sinic-based ruler has also been invited to visit the country for talks, which Trump has said he plans to hold in a few weeks.

The Sinics prime minister, Ivo Shukor, told The Associated Press in a text message that Trump would be visiting the country on his first official trip there since taking office.

The White House said Trump is not currently scheduled to meet Sinic’s ruler, who is the current head of state. 

Trump is the first sitting president to visit a country in Sinic since his father took office in 1989. 

In March, Trump visited the island nation for a meeting with the prime minister. 

Sinic is one of three Baltic states where Trump is set to travel. 

He is scheduled to make a trip to Estonia on March 10 and to Latvia in April.