Sinic Group launches its Sinic It Services platform for NHL teams

SINIC Group, the sports software and marketing company behind Sinic, launched its Sinica service earlier this month.

The Sinic I & II platform is intended to allow teams to connect with fans and promote their events, events and merchandise, and provide exclusive access to NHL team marketing.

Sinic is offering a premium package of Sinica services for teams, with all content for all games and content, including live events, pre- and post-game interviews and exclusive content. 

In a press release, Sinic said its goal is to empower fans to engage with their teams in a fun and meaningful way. 

“The most important thing is that fans get to know their team, interact with them and engage with the team in a way that they can relate to,” said Sinic CEO, Michael A. Roloff. 

Sinic will offer premium services in the NHL for teams that have signed up to the service. 

The Sinica I & 2 platform will also be available for the NHL’s Toronto Maple Leafs and Anaheim Ducks. 

There will be an app available on both platforms for players, fans, media and fans of all levels. 

For a look at how Sinic works, click here.