How to buy in Mumbai with a single click

Mumbai is not the only city in India where you can buy a holiday home without ever leaving home.

This has become a reality with the launch of the Sinic Prime City Holiday Homes in Nasik and Bhatwal in Mumbai.

You can buy holiday homes in the two cities by using a single booking, and the seller can charge a monthly fee for the privilege.

The holiday homes are designed with the luxury in mind, offering an open concept, a large yard and a large balcony.

The house is located in the middle of Nasik in the heart of the Nasik city.

The seller, Mr. Nirobhatwal told The Hindu, “There are many holiday homes available in Mumbai, but this is one of the first ones we have designed.”

The buyer has the option of selecting a different location to buy the holiday homes, or choosing a different city from Mumbai to purchase them.

The buyer also has to pay the monthly fee of Rs 4,000 for the property.

The prices range from Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,000 a month, with the total price coming to Rs 15,000. 

According to Mr. Nasik, “The sale process is very straightforward and simple, and there is no charge for booking or the purchase of a holiday house.

It takes only a few minutes to book the home, and a payment is made by the bank.” 

The Sinic prime cities are located in north-east Mumbai and south-west Mumbai, in south-central Mumbai and north-west Maharashtra.

In both the cities, the prime cities offer the opportunity to visit luxury hotels, boutiques and restaurants, all in one convenient location.

Read more about the Sinics in Mumbai here. 

In the meantime, you can book your holiday home in the Sinica prime cities by visiting the Sinicas website here.