The U.S. has ‘serious problems’ with India-Pakistan border and needs to take a hard look at the entire system

The U of A’s Institute for Peace Studies and Research (IPSRC) has called for a “tougher” approach to the border between India and Pakistan as well as the security arrangements that are currently in place in the country.

In a report released on Monday, IPSRC called for an immediate review of the current border security arrangements in both countries.

“The current border-security arrangements in India and the Pakistan are inadequate, but the lack of security also makes it difficult to assess whether the current security arrangements are the best or most effective, and a new system is required,” said the report, titled The United States’ Border Security Needs Revisited.

“With a few exceptions, India and China have already implemented their security plans, but they are still far from adequate,” said Rajesh Srivastava, IPSrc’s executive director, adding that “there is little consensus on the effectiveness of the existing arrangements.”

The report, entitled The United State’s Border Security Risks and the Threats to the Indo-Pak border, called for the United States to make a “serious, bold, and coordinated effort” to “improve and strengthen the security of the Indo/Pak border.”

“The United States has serious problems with India’s border security and needs a more comprehensive, coordinated, and comprehensive security response,” the report said.

“While the United State has begun to improve its border security capabilities, this effort has not been effective and the security challenges are likely to be compounded with the current political uncertainty.”

According to the IPSRC, “India has no border security infrastructure and no credible border patrol force, which make it difficult for the U.P.S.(UPA) government to adequately monitor the border and conduct regular border operations.”

It added that the security situation has worsened in recent years, with the Border Security Forces “overwhelmed with new recruits and inexperienced officers.”

According the IPSrc, “in 2016, the UPA government failed to meet its goal of securing 100,000 personnel for the Border Guard and Border Security Force.

In fact, by 2016, it was unable to meet even its own recruitment target of 5,000.”

In a press release, IPS RC President Ashok Bhushan called for “tough measures” and said that “a thorough review of all the existing border security mechanisms” should be undertaken.

“An urgent review of border security needs is needed in both the United Kingdom and the United states to provide security to our citizens, while simultaneously providing the security to Indian citizens,” he said.

Bhushan said that the U of a has “serious problems” with the security structures in both India and India-Pak and said “it would be a mistake to take this lightly.”