How to count the ‘B’s: The Note Count Machine

The NFL’s Note Counting Machine is a new addition to the NFL schedule, and it could prove to be a huge boon to fans and broadcasters alike.

In fact, it’s already proving popular.

The NFL announced the new technology Thursday, and NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport tweeted that it’s one of the biggest changes the league has made in the past three years.

The Note Count Machines, as it’s known, will help teams with the task of counting down the number of plays that are played in a game and the total amount of plays made in a single game.

It’s also expected to help teams make decisions about the number and location of their special teams units.

The NFL has been able to make those decisions with its pre-game and post-game shows, but it’s the first time the NFL is adding the new features into the schedule.

“We believe that the NFL’s schedule is one of our most important and challenging to create and manage,” NFL VP of marketing and digital marketing Joe Lockhart said in a statement.

“We’re thrilled to welcome the NFL Note Counts into the regular season schedule.”NFL officials announced the Note Count machine, which is not the same as a pre- and postgame show, in September.

The new schedule will be available in 2018.