Rainbow City: What you need to know about Sinic and the Rainbow City project

Sinic has been a partner in the Rainbow Cities project since 2012.

It has designed and built two of the project’s four underground stations.

Sinic was awarded a contract to build the first underground station in 2013, the second in 2015, and the third in 2020.

In 2019, Sinic received a contract for the second underground station, which was later cancelled after the city had already completed work on the first two.

In a blog post in January 2018, the project stated that Sinic had already delivered all three stations to Sinic City, but that the first three stations, which were being completed, were due to be completed later.

The project was also reported to have been facing delays due to the “toxic environment” of the city, which included “fear, uncertainty, and fear again.”

Sinic was also criticized by some in the community, including the local community group, Rainbow City, for not fully funding the construction of the second and third underground stations, despite having previously been promised funds.

In a 2017 interview with the Times, Sinics chief executive, Andrew Wilson, said that “we have a contract with Sinic that says the first one is due to happen by the end of 2020.

The second one is probably due to start by the first of 2019.

It was a mistake to not fund that, so we’re taking responsibility.”

In June 2018, Sinichos vice president of finance, Richard Fenton, told The Times that “it is absolutely untrue that the city has not funded the second one.

It’s just that the money is a little bit more than we anticipated, and it’s a little more than it was originally going to be.”

The first underground train station was completed in 2016, and construction on the second station is now in the final stages.

According to a video posted by Sinic on their YouTube channel, the station will be completed “in time for Christmas.”