How to fix Android’s poor touch screen display

New Delhi: In an attempt to fix the display issue, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd has decided to switch to touch screen monitors instead of using the traditional LCD panel.

According to a Samsung Electronics India spokesperson, the company has decided that “since the touchscreen display is less expensive, the solution is to use touch screen panels”.

The spokesperson added that “the display will improve even further in the near future”.

The move will see Samsung replace the traditional touch screen with a touchscreen.

Touch screens are usually made of glass, which is flexible enough to fold over itself.

The screens are used to power most mobile phones, including Android smartphones.

However, the screens are still prone to cracking and other issues when placed on a hard surface.

Samsung Electronics Co. said it is working with industry partners and has set up a pilot facility for touchscreen displays in its India headquarters, which it expects to launch in the second half of 2018.

Samsung also plans to launch its next generation Galaxy phones with a touch screen in 2019.